Our Mission & Vision

Through a skills-based approach to preparing students for the SAT and ACT, Academic Approach teaches beyond the test, empowering students and educators from all backgrounds to grow scores, skills, and confidence both on and beyond standardized tests.

Our Mission

Academic Approach began with a focused mission: to mentor students while building their skills and confidence as they fill in essential gaps in curriculum that prevent them from being fully successful both on the test and in the classroom. Over the years, Academic Approach has developed instructional content, services, and staff to reach thousands of students in the Chicagoland, New York City, and Boston areas, raising scores, growing skills, and opening doors to higher education.

With our growing staff of dedicated, high-quality educators, Academic Approach continues to deliver both highly customized online tutoring and one-on-one tutoring programs for students as well as school-based solutions that provide teachers with assessments and instructional services that raise student achievement.

We are...




Every Student is Different

We know our students; each one is unique, and each one requires a different approach, especially during these unprecedented times. That is why our ACT, SAT, and Middle School test prep is customized to each student and school partner.

We improve your students’ standardized testing by tailoring our research-based, expert instruction and curriculum to your needs, and we can get started with you right away.