Academic Enrichment

Summer Academic Enrichment

These upcoming summer months are like nothing we’ve seen before. While academic enrichment may not be a typical summer focus, this is far from a typical year.

Academic Approach is focused on helping students prepare for the 2020-2021 school year. From reviewing academic material from the end of the 2019-20 school year to making the most of summer reading to previewing next year’s curriculum, we want to see your students be prepared for academic success.

Since 2001, we’ve known that the basis of growth on standardized tests is mastery of specific, high-impact academic skills in math, critical reading, and grammar. That mastery takes practice. With some of that consistent practice being lost during e-learning, we are focused on re-building and advancing those core academic skills through summer and school-year academic enrichment.

One-on-One Math Enrichment

Whether students are preparing for Calculus, transitioning from Geometry to Algebra 2, or getting ready for that first high school math course, our one-on-one instructors will be able to fill any gaps that may exist and look ahead to what next year will hold.

Summer Reading Support

Critical reading and critical reasoning are essential for academic success. 

Many students have received their summer reading lists from their schools. We can teach active reading skills as well as grammar and essay composition curriculum to help students leverage summer reading into a comprehensive and engaging learning experience. For students who do not have a summer reading list, we help select text(s) appropriate for their grade level.

Bridge to the Fall

As we learn from the challenges of this past spring’s school closures, we are emphasizing support for students in starting next year strong. Whether students will be starting freshman level science or tackling AP US History, we will help students prepare for new curriculum and new challenges.

Our one-on-one instructors will support students as they preview the first chapters of their school’s curriculum to ensure a smooth academic start to the year. Instructors are available to support students throughout the year as well.

Customized E-Learning

Our directors design our e-learning programs for our students’ specific needs and goals. Whether it’s subject-specific tutoring, an overall academic tutoring program, or test preparation, we are here to support your student in reaching their highest academic potential.

We view online tutoring as a valuable opportunity to teach students the skills that prepare them for higher academic achievement in their high school and college curriculum, a teaching mission we refer to as Teaching Beyond the Test™.

Whether your student requires a few lessons or an extended program, we design your program to:

Identify high-impact gaps in skills & strategies through expert analysis

Match your student to a tutor who provides a personalized one-on-one teaching experience

Leverage our superior curriculum and online technology to help your student master the most high-impact skills

Every Student is Different

We know our students; each one is unique, and each one requires a different approach, especially during these unprecedented times. That is why our ACT, SAT, and Middle School test prep is customized to each student and school partner.

We improve your students’ standardized testing by tailoring our research-based, expert instruction and curriculum to your needs, and we can get started with you right away.

In response to the growing concerns about the coronavirus (COVID-19), we are shifting our services to online tutoring and online practice testing.

Reach out to us at 773-348-8914 with any questions.