ACT Changes 2020

In October 2019, the ACT announced three major changes to be implemented in the fall of 2020.

  • Section Retesting: after a student has taken the full ACT once, that student may then take just individual sections to gain the best possible composite score. This change has been postponed to fall of 2021.
  • Superscore Reporting: if a student takes the test or specific sections multiple times, the best score from each section will be reported and compiled into the final composite score sent to schools that accept superscores.
  • Online testing: at certain locations, students may opt in to online testing in lieu of taking a paper and pencil test. This change has been postponed to 2021.

We’re here to help you understand these changes as they evolve and how they impact you. Explore below for more information and check back often for continued updates!

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Superscore reporting will take effect starting in September 2020. Online testing has been rescheduled to some time in 2021, and section retesting will be implemented in fall of 2021.

A superscore is a composite test score that is determined by using the highest score from each of a student’s individual section scores.

Research has shown that a superscore is actually the best predictor of college success, more so than any single test score, be it the first, last, or average score.

Students must have taken the full ACT at least once since September 2016 to be eligible for section retesting once it launches in fall of 2021.

First, compile the section scores from each test you’ve taken. Once you’ve compiling these, select your best score in each subject. Then, calculate the average by adding those four scores together, dividing by four, and rounding to the nearest whole number.

ACT has stated that most accommodations will remain the same, including extended time, stop-the-clock breaks, multiple-day testing, and text-to-speak. The online testing option will also include accommodations for eligible students when it launches next year.

For students that qualify for a fee waiver, the ACT has clarified that each student will receive a total of four fee waivers. Each administration would use one fee waiver, regardless of how many sections are being retested. 

Not necessarily. Every student’s learning and test taking styles are different, so which test depends on how I student can be most successful. To learn more, take a look at Matthew Pietrafetta’s article ACT or SAT: Which Test is Right for You? or reach out to us to help you decide.

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