Modified AP Exams and Extended School Closures

Dear Academic Approach Families: As we close the week, we have updates from the College Board re: AP exams and from school districts on extended school closures Modified AP Exams This morning, the College Board announced that AP exams this year will be administered as 45-minute online exams for students to take at home. The content tested has been revised to exclude content that could not be taught before schools closed, and the question types will only include free-response questions. A detailed breakdown of what content will be included on each test can be found here on the College Board’s website. Beginning next week, the College Board will offer free materials for self-study. Our instructors are available to tailor these materials and others to a student’s specific academic needs. Extended School Closures for Illinois For our Illinois families, please note that Chicago public schools’ closure was extended to April 20th, and the state-wide school closures have been extended to April 8th. In addition, the spring NWEA-MAP test for high school admissions has been cancelled. Going Forward For your convenience, we have compiled our daily updates on this website for you to review and share with others. We will continue to update you as we learn more.  Be well, Matthew Pietrafetta, Ph.D., Founder & CEO

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Preparing for AP Exams

Dear Academic Approach Families:For those students enrolled in Advanced Placement (AP) Courses, it appears College Board is nearing a solution for AP Testing.College Board, which manages AP Exams, will be posting its next update on Friday, March 20th with a plan for what is next in terms of the testing format for students and the materials for teachers who are teaching AP curriculum through e-learning. The most interesting option College Board references is in-home testing.If your student would like supplemental instruction to partner with your school’s e-learning, do not hesitate to reach out to us at 773-348-8914. Our directors can walk you through the process and match you with one of our AP instructors.Visit the College Board's AP webpage for more updates. We will continue to keep you updated as more information is released.Be well,Matthew Pietrafetta, Ph.D., Founder & CEO

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