Combatting Covid-Slide:
The Academic Approach to Math Skill Building

Research on learning loss draws attention principally to math.

Students entering School Year 2020-21 may be returning with an unprecedented gap in learning, perhaps less than 50% of math curriculum retained from the prior school year.

How can we help?

Our Math Power Assessments & Targeted Analysis package provides an effective, customizable toolkit that helps guide teachers to the highest-impact teaching objectives. We offer professional support focused on:

Solutions for Teachers

A validated learning loss snapshot of where your students are at to monitor progress toward college readiness

Four Quarterly Assessments

Growth Assessments

Solutions for Students

Guide students to review and preview the highest-impact lessons

Learning Loss Snapshot Quiz

Learning Loss Recommendations

Based on the “Learning Loss Snapshot Quiz” we route students into 1 of 3 classroom courses.

At Academic Approach, we believe test preparation is an opportunity to engage students in truly academic learning on the key subjects and skills tested on the SAT and ACT.

Contact us now to help you design a solution today to combat math learning loss. 


Academic Approach professional development sessions can be tailored to meet the needs of any audience. The Academic Approach representative will work with you to ensure your professional development sessions are aligned to meet your participants’ specific needs and goals. 

We ask that professional development sessions be scheduled at least two weeks in advance. All dates and times are subject to availability.

Professional development sessions are typically 60-90 minutes in length and are flexibly administered to accommodate busy schedules.

Every session is facilitated by an expert educator who has extensive classroom teaching experience, is well-versed in college-readiness pedagogy, and is skilled with the portal. To see bios of the School Programs team, click here.

All of our sessions can be delivered online or in-person.

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