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Dear Academic Approach Families:

For over 20 years, the college admissions cycle for juniors and seniors has been very predictable. You could set your watch by it, but now those predictable rites of passage have changed, and so have the experiences of our students.

Not Your Typical Senior or Junior Year
With the dizzying array of changes to college testing and admissions in the last month, juniors and seniors are finding that their experiences this spring are defying their expectations and they may be struggling to process the impact of those changes on their own college admissions planning.

Senior Year College Decisions
Seniors are facing a very different decision-making process from what they may have anticipated. College admissions decisions were released in the last few months, and students are now facing deadlines to commit to schools (and submit deposits) without the benefit of admitted student visit days and with increasing uncertainty about completion of their senior year. NACAC (National Association for College Admission Counseling) is providing a great resource to students that tracks the availability of tours, adjusted deposits, and changed enrollment deadlines by school. Many colleges are exploring creative options like virtual tours and video chats with students or admissions officers to get a sense of a school’s fit.

Opportunities for Juniors
While the cancellation of April ACT and May SAT test dates may have thrown a wrench in many students’ plans for college applications, the extra time can actually provide an unexpected benefit: more dedicated time to consider their own readiness for college, assess their skills, and better prepare for college entrance exams as well as college-level work.

What’s Most Important
We’re continue to focus on student learning in this time and innovating around key questions:

How do we ensure students maintain their progress during this school year?
How do we keep students on track with challenging material and instruction so they are successful when they return to school and move on to college?
We’ll continue to share our insights and the insights of our colleagues on these topics in forthcoming letters.

Be well,
Matthew Pietrafetta, Ph.D., Founder & CEO

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