Dear Academic Approach Families & Colleagues:

In a recent Coronavirus Impact Survey by the National Parents Union, parents report two key educational needs for their children: 

  1. the need for consistent, rigorous instruction; and
  2. a growing desire to use assessments to provide clarity into student learning

Consistent, Rigorous Instruction

When asked to choose between “improving online instruction” and “reopening school buildings,” a majority of parents said they would prefer a focus on “improving instruction,” with 54% insisting that schools should prioritize “providing access to consistent, high-quality remote or online learning.” Whether remote or in-person, parents wanted a consistent plan focused on high-quality instruction.

Consistent Use of Assessments

In a year when many state and local school officials and teachers unions have advocated for skipping standardized testing, 47% of parents want to keep these tests, while 43% want to skip them for the year. What’s interesting is this recent snapshot (taken in September) already varies significantly from a July poll, in which nearly 60% of parents wanted to cancel all standardized testing for the year. As students have returned to school this fall (virtual, hybrid, or in-person), the need for assessment to identify gaps and drive learning has become very clear.

These voices are consistent with what we continue to hear from families—they want to maintain academic progress through rigorous instruction, and they want insights (clear data and feedback) on what kind of progress students are making. We’ll continue to work hard with families and schools to provide that needed support, advancing growth and avoiding loss.

Be well,
Matthew Pietrafetta, Ph.D., Founder & CEO