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Supporting your child through the standardized testing process can raise some age-old anxieties. Am I starting too early and overwhelming her? Am I starting too late and neglecting him? What are other parents doing for their child?

Although these feelings intensify as SAT and ACT testing approaches, they are by no means new. From summer camps to course selection, it’s always been the same concern: Am I doing what’s best for my child?

Here are some guidelines to help parents get the most out of test prep:

Identify your Child’s Needs

First, determine your child’s areas for improvement. Is it her reading? Is it that gap in his geometry skills? A good ACT or SAT test-prep solution helps you answer these questions with in-depth diagnostic test analysis.

Find the Right Fit

Some students prefer working alone with an off-the-shelf book; some learn better in a class room environment; and others learn best through one-on-one instruction. One size does not fit all.

Insist on Quality Teaching

Be sure that your ACT or SAT test-prep solution offers a strong curriculum taught by experts. A few notes on a loose-leaf sheet of paper will not do.

Maximize the Learning

When a student struggles in reading, math, or grammar on a standardized test, they may struggle with that subject in school. A good test-prep solution goes beyond test-taking strategy to cultivate the academic skills necessary for success both on the test and in the classroom. It is this commitment to both score growth and academic enrichment that is embodied in our mission of Teaching Beyond the TestTM.

Make the Process Educational

As a family, you can learn meaningful lessons through good test preparation, gaining a deeper understanding of your child’s educational needs. What does he like or dislike? Where does she struggle or excel? And what does this child need to succeed during the years of education that lie ahead?

With the right approach, you can do the best thing for your child – and even enjoy the process! If you have any questions, please reach out to us at the location nearest to you.

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