Academic Approach & Loyola

Academic Approach is a test preparation and academic tutoring company.

We Help Families Like Yours

These testimonials are proof of our commitment to “teaching beyond the test” and the meaningful relationships we build with each student and their family.

Access your ACT scores now:

Students can view their score results by logging into their MyAcademicApproach account using their full school email address.

We offer our Loyola students the following benefits:

Complimentary Analysis with an Expert Academic Approach Director

Academic Approach provides complimentary ACT & SAT testing as well as a 60-min consultation to analyze your student’s testing results and design a personalized tutoring program for your student.

To get started, select a time to meet with a Director. During your meeting you will be able to ask any questions you have about tests and one-on-one tutoring.

10% Discount on Tutoring Fees

For Laguardia students, Academic Approach discounts its one-on-one tutoring fees by 10%.

Academic Approach offers Loyola students an ACT prep course

Academic Approach is offering an ACT Prep Course for Loyola Academy students who are interested in an efficient preparation course reviewing key skills.

Twenty-four hours of instruction are customized to target skills and strategies most necessary for their success. Lessons include reading annotation, math problem-solving, grammar and rhetorical skills with a rigorous emphasis on their application on the standardized tests.

The cost of the ACT course is $450.

Please note, there are a limited number of seats available for this course. In the event that we reach our available number of seats, registration will be closed early. In addition, courses require a minimum of 18 students in order to begin. In the event that a course does not meet the minimum, you will be notified after the registration deadline with any available alternatives.

*By registering for the course, families agree to give the school permission to share their child’s official test scores with Academic Approach.