MAP (Measures of Academic Progress)

Give your student a head start

It’s easy for middle school students to prepare for the MAP test using our HSEE online practice test. Sign up and start preparing for the MAP test today!

Our Approach

Academic Approach has extensive experience preparing students for the MAP! Our tutoring focuses on highly customized skill-building and rigor. MAP is a critical piece of the CPS admissions process: MAP scores count for one-third of students’ admission into Chicago Selective Enrollment High Schools. Additionally, suburban districts often use MAP scores to determine subject aptitude and place students in appropriate curricula. Sign up and start preparing for the MAP test today!

To support middle school students with their preparation for their MAP test, we’ve developed an online practice test to help them get more comfortable testing in an online setting.

Our High School Entrance Exam Online Practice Test is not a practice MAP test — it’s an opportunity for students to practice online testing (including using an online calculator and reading online) in a low-stakes scenario.

The online practice test includes a review of content covered at the middle school level and is aligned to the skills assessed on the NWEA-MAP test. It will also provide you with information on student skills strengths and gaps.

This practice serves as a great support in helping middle school students prepare for online testing.

What is MAP?

MAP was created by a non-profit organization named NWEA. It measures what a student knows and is ready to learn.

The MAP test (also known as the NWEA-MAP test) is a computer-adaptive achievement test in Mathematics and Reading. Its computer software adjusts the difficulty of the questions so that each student takes a unique test. The difficulty or ease of each question is based on how well the student responded to previous questions.