HSPT (The High School Placement Test)

The High School Placement Test (HSPT) is an admission test given to eighth graders who are seeking entrance into specific Catholic high schools. Schools make admissions decisions, place applicants, and determine scholarship awards based on the exam results.

Students must register for the test directly with the schools to which they are applying.  The exams take place at the schools themselves, not at a designated testing site. Students should confirm with target schools for specific registration procedures.

Students may take the exam at only one Catholic school in order to be considered for admission. In the event the HSPT is taken more than once by a student, the lower score is considered to be the final score.

Test Format & Structure

SectionTimingNumber of QuestionsContent Covered
Verbal Skills16 minutes60 multiple-choice questionsSynonyms and antonyms, analogies, logic-based questions, and verbal classifications.
Quantitative Skills30 minutes52 multiple-choice questionsNumber series, geometric and non-geometric comparisons, and number manipulations.
Reading Comprehension25 minutes62 multiple-choice questionsReading aptitude for humanities and short nonfiction and narrative passages, and vocabulary.
Mathematics45 minutes64 multiple-choice questionsSkills, comprehension, and knowledge of arithmetic, basic algebra, and geometry.
Language Skills25 minutes60 multiple-choice questionsCapitalization, grammar, usage, punctuation, spelling, and sentence structure.

Each section of the HSPT is reported as a scaled score from 200 to 800. The Scholastic Testing Service (STS) compiles correct answers to obtain a raw score, which it then converts to a scaled score, adjusting for small variations in difficulty among different test administrations. There is no penalty for guessing on the HSPT, so students make their best guess on every question.

Test Dates
Test dates vary by individual schools or dioceses, so contact your target school directly to find out their testing date(s).

The cost to take the test varies from school to school. Many schools include the test as part of the application fee, though some may charge an additional $20-$40 to take the test.

Individual schools have varying policies and procedures around accommodations and should be contacted directly for what those policies and procedures are. The Scholastic Testing Service, which supplies the tests, does provide large print bubble test booklets and answer sheets for those who are visually impaired. These can be requested through the individual school.

Every Student is Different

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