Online SAT Math Course

Master the most important SAT Math methods, strategies, and formulas. Our course teaches you the methods necessary to avoid careless mistakes, the creative strategies you need to answer the harder questions, and the formulas you must command to score the most frequently asked SAT questions.

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  • Over 150 lessons — our lessons cover the SAT's core curriculum, everything from proper order of operations to graphing complex quadratic equations. These lessons include over 300 examples, graded drills, and timed, graded exercises.
  • 2 timed full-length SAT Math tests — students will take 2 timed math SATs, each of which will receive a grade on the SAT's 800 point scale. These 2 tests bookend our course, allowing for a very clear mapping of the student's progress. (Please note that the first test is the free sample.)
  • Dynamic teaching — every example, drill, and exercise in our course yields a complete step-by-step solution, so students become steeped in proper problem-solving procedures.
  • User-friendly interface — simple, color-coded navigation allows easy monitoring of the student's progress and performance.
  • Helpful support — any technical problems the student encounters while using the course will be addressed within 24 hours by our support staff.