2022 Online ACT Course

Sundays, January 2, 2022 – March 27, 2022


Academic Approach is offering a virtual ACT prep course. Our virtual ACT prep course is best suited for students interested in improving their ACT score growth potential by reviewing key skill sets in reading, writing, math, and science, and their application on the ACT.

Twenty-four hours of total e-learning instruction are customized to introduce reading annotation, math problem solving, grammar, and rhetorical skills, all with a rigorous emphasis on ACT standards and practices. As part of the course, students will meet virtually with an instructor for each class session as well as take two full-length, practice tests.

Expertise Built on Experience

As a team of educators, we have years of experience improving college readiness and closing skills gaps for students at a wide range of achievement levels.

Content Built by Rigorous Research

By developing all of our own content – including assessments, curricula, reports, and more – we can ensure the validity and expertise behind every service.

Instruction and Insight Built on Data

Robust data insights inform all instructional decisions and recommendations.



  • Angles, Triangles, & Pythagorean Theorem ƒ
  • Ratios & Percentages
  • Trigonometry
  • Function Basics; Quadratic Functions


  • Grasp-Prove-Eliminate; GPE Application
  • Passage Types Application


  • Sentence Construction; Commas
  • Verb Agreement & Tense
  • Establishing Transitional Flow; Principles of Editing ƒ
  • Pronoun Agreement & Case; Apostrophes


  • Grasp-Prove-Eliminate; GPE Application
  • Passage Types Application


Academic Approach’s classroom program is $400 per person. All course materials (manuals and practice tests) are included. Students will need pencils, calculators, and access to an electronic device (preferably a computer, laptop, or tablet). To register, please CLICK HERE.

The registration deadline is December 12, 2021. Please direct all registration and course-related questions to schoolprograms@aapproachstg.wpengine.com. Any school-specific questions can be directed to Bianca Tomassetti, College and Career Counselor, at btomassetti@nddons.org.

Schedule at a Glance

January 12th (Practice Test)
January 19th 3:15pm-5:45pm
January 26th 3:15pm-5:45pm
February 2nd 3:15pm-5:45pm
February 9th 3:15pm-5:45pm
February 16th 3:15pm-5:45pm
February 23rd 3:15pm-5:45pm
March 2nd 3:15pm-5:45pm
March 9th (Practice Test)
March 16th 3:15pm-5:45pm
March 23rd Official Test

Contact Information

For questions regarding the classroom course or one-on-one tutoring, contact Andrew Ferguson at Academic Approach, at Andrew.ferguson@academicapproach.com