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Dear Academic Approach Families and Colleagues:

As we head into the long weekend, we’re thinking about many things: a different way to celebrate this year than the past, the legacy of the past on America’s future, and the consequences on education and college readiness in the upcoming school year. As colleges grapple with how they can return safely–if at all–to campuses this year, we’re thinking about the years to come, and how this year’s rising juniors and seniors can best prepare to be ready when they do eventually arrive on campuses.

Next week, we’ll share with you what we mean when we describe a student as “college ready,” and what that means in the context of the ACT and SAT. Both the ACT and SAT provide a set of benchmark scores for the test that predict success in freshman-level courses. We’ve done in-depth analysis of each test to assess the skills and rigor that are critical for students to meet and exceed those benchmarks. These critical thinking skills are the ones students will need most in college. We’re excited to share these with you next week!

Be well,
Matthew Pietrafetta, Ph.D., Founder & CEO

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