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“The Academic Approach team has been phenomenal in responding to the needs of my teachers and students throughout the 6+ years I have worked with them. They are one of our most valued partners in educating our students and supporting our teachers.”

Anna Ruiz-Villa , Principal, DeVry University Advantage Academy HS

“Students receive in-person classes crafted to explore the purpose of the SAT, the structure of the SAT, and the best ways to make the most of test day and achieve the best possible score. When, as a school, we partnered with Academic Approach, we found we had a 24-7 support network of consistent individuals who knew us, our school, and the particularities that made us.”

Mary Rizzo, Curriculum Coordinator, Nancy B. Jefferson School

“Academic Approach employs knowledgeable experts and resourceful professionals who are able to facilitate all of their interactive, informative, and research-based professional developments, so teachers are able to align test domains with instructional practices using accurate pacing guides.”

Gerald J Morrow, Principal, Dunbar Vocational Career Academy

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