Raw Score Gain Report

Because we realize that useful data means actionable data, we use our detailed reporting to help teachers quickly identify the standards most relevant to their students, analyze the items tied to these standards, and plan immediate and effective instructional responses.

Academic Approach works with your teachers to perform a comprehensive analysis of a test event, using targeted reporting, such as our Raw Score Gain Report, to drive insight and action.

Step 1: Identify the Target Standards

  • Target standards are those standards that have the greatest frequency and lowest accuracy and therefore the greatest potential gain
  • In our report, standards with the greatest potential gain rise to the top
  • We highlight the standard with the greatest potential gain

Step 2: Investigate the Questions Tied to the Standard

  • Highlight the questions associated with the standard
  • Identify the questions as they appear in our Question and Answer Report
  • Note the percentage accuracy on each question
  • Choose a question for deep analysis

Step 3: Locate Question for Analysis

  • What made the question difficult for your students?
  • What were the major distractors in the answer choice?
  • What prior knowledge is required to master this skill?
  • Begin to draft teaching approaches to address this skill

Step 4: Develop Your Instructional Response

  • Use a lesson planning template to create a plan for high-impact, rigorous, and aligned re-teaching and assessment