Rationale Behind the SAT Redesign

According to the College Board’s 2013 SAT Report on College & Career Readiness, 57 percent of 2013 SAT takers lacked the academic skills to succeed in college-entry, credit-bearing courses without remedial teaching being necessary in at least one subject. Furthermore, no discernible improvement in students’ readiness levels can be seen between 2009 and 2013, a time when average SAT scores remained virtually unchanged.

A growing number of educators and students contended that the current SAT did not align closely with relevant high school curriculum and does not assess the most relevant skills necessary for college and career readiness. Ultimately, the College Board’s revisions for the 2016 SAT will assess more directly those skills most relevant to college and career readiness, a change Academic Approach fully supports.

In addition, the redesigned SAT will also better serve admission officers, counselors and educators:

  • For admissions officers, it will provide a more detailed and comprehensive picture of each student’s level of college readiness, helping colleges more easily identify students who are a good match for their institution and the programs it offers
  • For counselors and educators, it will provide clearer connections to classroom instruction, and a better measure of the knowledge, skills, and understandings required in postsecondary education, work, and life

What is Academic Approach’s Position?

As a teaching organization that focuses on skills-based test preparationTM, Academic Approach welcomes the College Board’s redesign of the SAT. Our teaching – which prepares students for the rigorous requirements of college-level reading and reasoning – supports preparation for a more rigorous, relevant assessment. In fact, we are more than prepared. We are excited for these changes because they link SAT assessment to our instructional model more closely.

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