The Digital SAT:
What You Need to Know

Changes to any statewide test can be unsettling. However, since 2001, Academic Approach has successfully guided schools through 3 previous redesigns of the SAT, and with each apparent revolution in content & construct, one thing remains: the test assesses reading, verbal reasoning, and mathematics skills associated with college and career readiness. At Academic Approach, we understand that the first step toward preparing your students for this redesigned test is to provide you with the information schools need, and the tools necessary to help students grow scores and skills both on and beyond the test.

New Digital SAT

What’s Staying

  • Same scoring system for PSAT 89, PSAT 10, and SAT

    Questions are primarily in the four-option, multiple choice format. The Math section will continue to have some Student Produced Response questions

    All testing accommodations will still be provided

    Question will continue to focus on citing textual evidence, verbal reasoning, Algebra 1 and Algebra 2, More information on assessed standards is available here

What’s Changing

  • Administered Digitally

    Shorter Length (under 3 hours)

    Multistage Adaptive

    Writing and Reading are assessed in one section, with each question tied to shorter passages

    The PSAT 89 and PSAT 10 now share the same timing and number of questions as the SAT

    Calculator use is permitted during the entire Math section

    Test content has a greater focus on reading words in context, grammar skills, geometry. More information on assessed standards is available here

What We Offer

SY 2023-24 Digital SAT Package

For questions regarding the Digital SAT program, please email Academic Approach at
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Put away your pencils!
The SAT is moving to a digital format.

The SAT is changing for the 2023-2024 school year. Find out what that means for your students with our “Digital SAT: What You Need to Know” guide. Fill out your information to download now!

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