Mary Wickert

Mary Wickert

Associate Director of One-on-One Tutoring

Mary Wickert currently serves as an Associate Director of One-on-One Tutoring. In this role, she helps to plan and coordinate tutoring programs for students to achieve their goals. She previously taught middle school math and science where she enjoyed bringing her passion for STEM to the classroom through inquiry-based learning.

Mary earned her Master’s of Education from the University of Notre Dame as a member of the Alliance for Catholic Education Teaching Fellows. Prior to that, she received her degree in Chemistry from Notre Dame. When she wasn’t studying, she spent much of her time playing intramural sports or working in a cancer research laboratory. In her free time, Mary enjoys reading, traveling to new places, playing and watching sports, and spending time with friends and family.

Every Student is Different

We know our students; each one is unique, and each one requires a different approach, especially during these unprecedented times. That is why our ACT, SAT, and Middle School test prep is customized to each student and school partner.

We improve your students’ standardized testing by tailoring our research-based, expert instruction and curriculum to your needs, and we can get started with you right away.

In response to the growing concerns about the coronavirus (COVID-19), we are shifting our services to online tutoring and online practice testing.

Reach out to us at 773-348-8914 with any questions.