Academic Approach & St. Marks

Academic Approach is a test preparation and academic tutoring company.

We Help Families Like Yours

These testimonials are proof of our commitment to “teaching beyond the test” and the meaningful relationships we build with each student and their family.

We offer our St. Mark’s students the following benefits:

Complimentary Analysis with an Expert Academic Approach Director

Academic Approach provides complimentary ACT & SAT testing as well as a 60-min consultation to analyze your student’s testing results and design a personalized tutoring program for your student.

To get started, select a time to meet with a Director. During your meeting you will be able to ask any questions you have about tests and one-on-one tutoring.

Academic Approach offers St. Mark’s Students an ACT or SAT prep course

Academic Approach is offering an ACT or SAT Prep Course for St. Mark’s students who are interested in an efficient preparation course reviewing key skills.

Twenty-four hours of instruction are customized to target skills and strategies most necessary for their success. Lessons include reading annotation, math problem-solving, grammar and rhetorical skills with a rigorous emphasis on their application on the standardized tests.

The cost of the SAT/ACT course is $1099.

The registration deadline is December 24, 2023

Students receiving financial aid from St. Mark’s are eligible for the same percentage of aid for test prep classes. Billing for the classes will take place through St. Mark’s, and the appropriate aid will be applied during that process. Please direct any questions about aid or payment to Eric Monheim ([email protected]). This financial aid match does not apply to 1on1 tutoring services.

One-on-One Option for SAT or ACT

If students prefer 1-on-1 tutoring, we have packages of 1-on-1 hours at the following prices:

10-hour Package


15-hour Package


20-hour Package


1-on-1 tutoring comes with a complimentary diagnostic exam and consultation with one of our directors. *Students eligible for financial aid must contact Mr. Monheim after registration

Seven University of Georgia schools reinstate ACT/SAT requirements!