Achieving the Greatest Success with Academic Approach

Welcome to Academic Approach! We are delighted that you will be working with us on your college test prep! It is our mission to raise students’ scores through our engaging, skills-based curriculum and positive coaching and mentoring. Our greatest successes always rely on a student’s hard work, so we like to set healthy expectations and guidelines from the beginning.

Students who complete an Academic Approach ACT class can achieve ACT score increases from 1- 4 points, with some of our hardest working students achieving increases of 5 or more points; those who complete an SAT course can achieve SAT score increases of 20-100 points, with some of our hardest working students seeing increases of over 100 points.

For your student to enjoy the greatest possible success, we want to emphasize the following characteristics of our most successful learners:

Successful Work Habits

Students should attend every class and contact the instructor for missed material in the case of an absence

Students should participate fully in class by asking and answering questions, completing all practice work, and staying focused when using digital materials.

Students should complete all homework assignments carefully and thoughtfully

Our experience has shown that students who do not adhere to the above do risk results that may be disappointing. Our tutors and directing team will carefully monitor student progress throughout the class, and parents are always welcome to email or call our office to inquire about a student’s attendance record, ask for an electronic copy of a score report, or schedule a meeting to review a student’s progress.

What to Expect

Enrollment & Scheduling
  • Classes require a minimum enrollment in order to run. If the minimum for a class is not met by the enrollment deadline (2 weeks in advance of the class’s first session), families will be notified of the cancellation at will be contacted to discuss alternate arrangements.
  • Schedules are created together with your student’s school. Every effort is made to create a class schedule that does not coincide with planned school breaks or major school events.
  • If a day of the class is cancelled due to snow days, school events, or other scheduling considerations, then an Academic Approach Director will make a reasonable effort to coordinate with the instructor and students to schedule a make-up day. In those cases, every effort will be made to communicate the change to families and to reschedule the missed time, and refunds will not be offered.
  • No refunds are offered for absences during the class, though we encourage students to reach out to their instructor for any missed material.
  • Students will take 1-3 practice tests during the classroom course. Diagnostic and practice exams will enable Academic Approach to tailor the teaching to the most common and immediate test preparation needs of the entire class as revealed by a score-report analysis. These exams are a combination of retired content from the ACT or SAT and proprietary content from Academic Approach designed to provide the best possible approximation of how students will perform on test day.
  • Practice tests are not official exams and are not reportable to colleges.
  • Students will receive practice test score reports in their MyAcademicApproach student portal following a practice test; parents may request a digital copy of a student’s scores at any time by emailing the instructor or calling the Academic Approach office.
  • We do not register students for official tests; please visit or to register for official ACT or SAT tests.
  • By registering for our course, you agree to give the school permission to share your child’s official ACT or SAT scores with Academic Approach.
  • Students will utilize digital course materials accessed through their MyAcademicApproach student portal.
  • Each class syllabus is specially designed based on the students’ diagnostic score results.
  • Our classroom courses typically includes eighteen hours of instruction, which are customized to introduce reading annotation, math problem solving, grammar, and rhetorical skills, all with a rigorous emphasis on SAT/ACT standards and practices.
  • In addition to the classroom instructional hours, students can expect to receive homework assignments geared toward deepening their understanding of a skill, completing timed practice sections, or working on a skill directly related to their needs.
  • Payment is due in full at registration. Without payment, students may not participate.
  • If you and your student decide after the first day of class that the program is not a good fit, you may withdraw from the course to receive a full refund. You must call the office before the next class in order to withdraw.
  • A student may withdraw from the class at any point after the first day. Students who withdraw before the second practice test will receive a prorated refund for classes that have not yet occurred less a $50 processing fee. Students who withdraw after the second practice test will not receive a refund.
  • You will receive weekly emails from your child’s instructor detailing what topics were covered in each class. 
  • Parents/students can access practice test results and weekly homework results in our online testing platform. 
  • Parent/students are encouraged to reach out to the instructor with any questions that they have.

One-on-One Tutoring

We love working with students who have lofty goals for the highest scores! Our experience has shown that students who are striving to move a high score even higher are often better served by a targeted one-on-one tutoring program instead of a classroom course. 

All students are welcome to supplement their work in the class with personalized one-on-one tutoring. If you are interested in tutoring before, during, or after the class, please fill the short form below to get in contact with a 1-on-1 program director.

Classroom Course FAQs

Can I get a copy of my student’s scores?
  • Practice test results are typically available within 3 business days. Parents/students can view their practice test results in the MyAcademicApproach student portal. If for some reason your student does not receive their scores, or you would like an additional copy of the score report for yourself, please email the instructor.
  • Academic Approach does not have access to official scores. You should receive those directly from ACT or CollegeBoard.
  • Unfortunately, it is not possible to make up a missed class. Please email the instructor to find out what your student missed/will miss in class that day.
  • Students who miss a practice test are able to complete the test self-proctored at any time which is convenient for them.
  • Academic Approach is not able to register students for the official test. Please visit the ACT website for information on registration for the official ACT, or the College Board official website for information on registration for the official SAT.
  • Most college admissions officers will not penalize students for taking the official test multiple times. Many schools will only use a student’s highest composite if they have taken multiple tests. Some schools will even automatically “superscore” multiple tests by pulling a student’s best subscores across all tests and making a new composite score. Colleges and universities all have their own individual policies regarding how they look at ACT and SAT scores, so students and parents should look into those policies of their schools of interest before deciding to test multiple times.
  • There are several things your student can do to continue preparing for the ACT or SAT outside of our class:
    • Classes may involve required and/or optional homework assignments, so students should make sure to complete all of those by their due dates.
    • There will certainly be material in the manuals that isn’t used in class, including full length practice sections. Please email the instructor for specifics on what material will be left over after the class and for answer keys.
    • In addition to our classroom programs, Academic Approach offers 1-on-1 tutoring, which would provide an opportunity for more personalized instruction, tailored to your student’s specific needs. For more information on 1-on-1 tutoring, you can visit and fill out a short form to get in contact with a 1-on-1 program director.
  • While the essay portion of the ACT or SAT is technically optional, colleges will typically want to see a score that includes the essay portion, if possible. The essay score does not factor into the composite score; it is its own separate score. While some colleges don’t require the essay portion of the ACT or SAT, even the ones that do will only see the score, not the actual essay. Your student will likely submit at least one actual writing sample as part of their application to the school, which will be a much better indicator to college admissions officers of your student’s writing abilities.
  • We ask for consistent attendance from our students and cannot offer discounted rates for partial attendance.
  • In addition to our classroom programs, Academic Approach offers 1-on-1 tutoring, which would provide an opportunity for more personalized instruction, tailored to your student’s specific needs. For more information on 1-on-1 tutoring, you can visit Contact Us and fill out a short form to get in contact with a 1-on-1 program director.

Contact Information

  • For questions regarding the schedule, syllabus, and structure of the classroom course, please email your student’s instructor. (This information will be given to your child at their first class.)
  • For information about 1-on-1 tutoring, please visit and fill out a short form to get in contact with a 1-on-1 program director.
  • For other questions, please email [email protected]

Thank you for working with Academic Approach, and we look forward to a successful course that raises scores and builds skills and confidence!

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