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Study Skills

Study skills are essential, transferable life skills that enhance a student’s ability to learn effectively, manage time, and excel academically. At Academic Approach, we understand the importance of these skills and therefore offer tailored tutoring and support to improve and cultivate your student’s study habits and skills.

Our Approach

Our approach to study skills tutoring is rooted in understanding each student’s unique learning style. Our tutors employ various strategies like active learning, goal setting, and metacognitive techniques to foster effective studying habits and equip students with the tools they need for academic success.

Developing strong study skills not only boosts academic performance but also provides students with the tools necessary for lifelong learning. Moreover, it enables students to become independent learners, improves their confidence, and reduces academic stress.

Study Skills Specialties

Academic Approach tutors are ready to help your student with any aspect of studying. Here are a few of the most popular study skills topics for which we provide academic tutoring.

Most of our students come to us seeking help for study skills to help them in high school, but we also provide study skills academic tutoring for middle school and college levels!

Tailored to Individual Needs

Academic tutoring, even more so than standardized test preparation, is driven by the student. Before beginning a study skills academic tutoring program, our instructors will try to find out:

What are your student's current study habits? Which study habits are (or are not) serving your student? 
Which classes or topics does your student struggle with the most? Which classes or teachers do they enjoy the most, and why? 
What kinds of projects or assignments does your student excel at? Which do they enjoy the most? Which are the most challenging? 

Don’t worry if you (or your student) don’t know the answers to these questions. Our instructors are well-versed in designing a personalized study plan to target improvement areas and reinforce effective study techniques. That said, the more information you and your student can provide about their study skills, the better.  

Study Skills Resources

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