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High School Entrance Exams

Welcome to our comprehensive guide to high school entrance exams. As a pivotal stepping stone towards your child’s future, these tests play a critical role in the admissions process for many selective high schools. The stakes are high, but with the right preparation and guidance your student can  maximize their chances of securing a spot at a school of their choice.

High School Entrance Exams Overview

At Academic Approach, we specialize in offering personalized tutoring to help your student succeed on high school entrance exams like the HSPT, ISEE, SSAT, CPS HSAT, and SHSAT. Our customized approach ensures that each student’s unique needs and learning styles are taken into account, leading to effective, results-driven preparation.

(High School Placement Test)

The HSPT is a requirement for admission into many parochial schools, including Loyola Academy and St. Ignatius College Prep. This test is typically administered in December, when students are in their eighth-grade year.

(Independent Schools Entrance Exam)

The ISEE is used as part of the admissions process for many prestigious independent schools, such as Dalton, Fieldston, Francis W. Parker, University of Chicago Laboratory School, and The Latin School of Chicago. The ISEE can be taken any time between October and January, during the students’ eighth-grade year.

(Secondary School Admission Test)

The SSAT is utilized in the admissions procedures of many esteemed boarding schools, such as St. Pauls, Phillips Exeter, and Lake Forest Academy. The SSAT is typically scheduled between October and January, during the students’ eighth-grade year.

(Chicago Public Schools' High School Admissions Test)

The CPS HSAT is required by the Chicago Public Schools’ Selective Enrollment Schools, which include Walter Payton, Northside Prep, Lane Tech, Whitney Young, Jones, Brooks, King, Lindblom, Westinghouse, and South Shore. This test is administered in the fall of the students’ eighth-grade year.

(Specialized High School Admissions Test)

The SHSAT is required by New York City’s Specialized High Schools, which include Brooklyn Tech, Bronx Science, Stuyvesant, and High School of American Studies. The test is taken in November, during the students’ eighth-grade year.

Our High School Entrance Exam Tutoring Approach

At Academic Approach, we provide personalized tutoring to empower students for high school entrance exams like the HSPT, ISEE, SSAT, CPS HSAT, and SHSAT. Our approach, tailored to each student’s unique needs and learning style, not only helps them master test content but also equips them with effective test-taking strategies. Our aim is to boost students’ confidence and performance, increasing their chances of gaining admission to their preferred high schools. Let Academic Approach be your guide on this crucial educational journey.

It's why we've designed our HSEE tutoring programs to 
"Our daughter prepared for the exam to get into Loyola (HSPT), and Academic Approach worked wonders!"
HSPT Prep Family
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Beyond the Test

We’re not just helping your student prepare for an entrance exam; we’re equipping them with the skills they need to thrive in high school and beyond.

Empowering Students, Enriching Lives

At Academic Approach, our middle school students don’t just boost their scores; they develop confidence, cultivate resilience, and nurture a growth mindset. These skills aren’t just for the test; they’re for a successful transition into high school and for lifelong learning.

Data-Driven Results

By analyzing data from diagnostic tests, we craft a study plan that’s tailored just for you, catering to your student’s unique learning needs.

Starting Your Journey with Academic Approach

Embarking on a high school entrance exam preparation journey with Academic Approach is a breeze. We kick off with a complimentary diagnostic test and consultation to comprehend your student’s individual needs and aspirations.

Arrange your consultation today. Together, we will help your student achieve their academic goals.

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