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You have questions (we have answers)! Below, we answer some of the most common questions we receive at Academic Approach. If you can’t find your question here, try our AI assistant or reach out directly and we’ll be happy to answer! 

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What is the relevance of standardized test scores in a test-optional college admissions environment?

In the context of many colleges and universities adopting test-optional policies, standardized test scores like the SAT and ACT still play a significant role in admissions decisions, especially at top-ranked institutions. A substantial number of these schools consider these scores as either “important” or “very important” in their evaluation process. This indicates that, despite the test-optional trend, a strong performance on these standardized tests can significantly enhance a student’s application, particularly at competitive schools where these scores are highly valued.

More importantly, more and more colleges and universities are requiring standardized test scores again including Cornell, Harvard, Yale, Dartmouth, MIT, and others.

For more detailed information and insights, you can visit Academic Approach’s page on test-optional.

How soon can I start tutoring with Academic Approach?

Tutoring can start as soon as you need it. We have a specialized onboarding process to meet urgent requirements while ensuring the tutoring is tailored to your student’s needs. For ACT/SAT prep, our process can start right away and move at the pace you need, but starts with a diagnostic test and consultation. The best policy is to reach out and get started today!

How does Academic Approach ensure the quality and suitability of its tutors?

Tutors are rigorously vetted and matched based on their expertise, teaching abilities, and compatibility with the student’s learning style and academic needs. We will not hire a tutor that does not meet these strict qualifications.

What ongoing professional development do tutors at Academic Approach receive?

Tutors at Academic Approach engage in continuous professional development to stay updated with the latest educational strategies and subject matter expertise. The educational landscape is constantly evolving, and so are our tutors!

Can parents and students provide feedback on their tutors?

Absolutely. We welcome and encourage feedback as it helps us continuously improve our services and ensure the best possible match and outcomes for our students. Reach out to your director at any time to give feedback and help tailor your experience further! 

What training do tutors receive at Academic Approach?

Tutors undergo rigorous training in our methodologies and are continuously supported to stay updated with the latest educational trends and techniques. Academic Approach provides more than the industry standard training and preparation before our tutors start with any students. 

How does Academic Approach match tutors with students?

We consider the student’s academic needs, personality, and learning style to match them with the ideal tutor. This personalized matching process ensures effective and enjoyable learning. Students perform better with a customized approach than with a one-size-fits-all approach. 

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