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Dear Academic Approach Families & Colleagues:

Today, we’ll share some plans from colleges on how they’ll be addressing the challenges of reducing risk to students, faculty, and staff on campuses this fall.

Challenges for Residential Campuses
Despite the many challenges inherent in decreasing COVID risk, many colleges have already announced plans to return to residential campuses in the fall. Campuses are considering a number of adjustments, including incorporating remote classes, adjusting the academic calendar to remove breaks, and providing frequent free testing of students and staff. Some campuses have settled on firmer plans, like the University of Michigan, while other schools have only released recommendations, such as Cornell University. They’re considering using online tools for daily health screenings for faculty, staff, and students in addition to face mask and hygiene recommendations. Campuses are also considering how to address potential outbreaks that may happen on campuses, including quarantine and isolation procedures for sick students.

In addition, campuses are considering modifications to non-academic programming as well as housing and dining halls. Students may be surprised by a markedly different campus experience in the fall (should they return) to support their health and safety.

The Virtual Approach
Other campuses are pushing ahead with fully virtual options for students. Arizona State University is offering 3 options for classes: the “immersion” option (on-campus, in-person), “sync,” which allows for synchronous, technology-enhanced remote learning (and may be used in combination with immersion instruction), and iCourses, which will be fully remote. Remote options will allow for less dense campuses and hopefully reduce potential spread of disease. California State University is planning to deliver almost all instruction virtually in the fall.
Be well,
Matthew Pietrafetta, Ph.D., Founder & CEO

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