Dear Academic Approach Families & Colleagues:

In a recent poll commissioned by The National Parents Union, we find parents expressing some mixed opinions: a great appreciation for the efforts of our schools but a desire for more direct communication.

Effort: Meeting & Exceeding

More than four-fifths of those surveyed say the education offered by their child’s school is good or excellent. Researchers conjecture that the high mark given by parents to schools is reflective—and rightfully so—of the herculean efforts school administrators and teachers are taking to keep students safe, keep themselves safe, and maintain academic progress under the most challenging of circumstances. The confidence rating seems to also be correlated with a growing confidence in the effectiveness of online learning, with 73 percent of parents reporting a willingness for their child to take some high school courses digitally.

Communication: Needs Improvement

However, parents want more communication: 39 percent of parents in distance learning and 37 percent in hybrid learning say they want more communication about their students’ academic progress.

Bridging the Distance

For parents who want more insight into their students’ academic progress, a few thoughts:

Leverage Parent-Teacher Conferences

Ask the right questions

  • What specific skills does my child need to work on?
  • Are there additional assignments or apps my child should be working on to build skills?
  • Are there additional office hours or instructional opportunities my child can attend?

Teach students to ask their teachers the right questions

  • Can I review my mistakes from the last assignment with you?
  • Can I talk with you briefly about how to prepare best for the next test?
  • Are there ways I can practice or engage to build my skills?

With distance learning changing traditional communications, we must focus more on advocacy and student self-advocacy than ever before.

We’ll be off next week for Thanksgiving. We hope you have a good holiday (though it may look quite different this year), and we are, as always, grateful to have the opportunity to work with you and your students!

Be well,
Matthew Pietrafetta, Ph.D., Founder & CEO