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Dear Academic Approach Families & Colleagues:

We’ve shared significant research this year on anticipated learning loss. Today, with the close of the first quarter of the school year, we’re sharing some updates from school districts across the country that are beginning to learn more about those impacts. In Utah, one school district found that twice as many students this fall received at least one failing or incomplete grade when compared to 2019, and an incredible five times as many students received all Fs or incompletes when compared to last fall. Most of the students who received all failing grades (73%) were students attending only online classes. In Dallas, fall NWEA-MAP assessments showed that nearly half of all students experienced learning loss in math, and a third fell behind in reading from spring 2019. 

These results can have a long-term impact on students; these grades will be used to apply to college and the academic slide may set them back for years. Schools are exploring creative options to combat the issue this fall, and personalized learning has become an important way for educators to reach students with more profound needs this fall than in the past. We’re working with families and schools to develop customized academic tutoring solutions to meet the specific challenges students are facing this school year.  

Be well,
Matthew Pietrafetta, Ph.D., Founder & CEO

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