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CPS HS Admissions Test

The Chicago Public Schools’ High School Admissions Test (CPS HSAT) is required by the Chicago Public Schools’ Selective Enrollment Schools, such as Walter Payton, Northside Prep, Lane Tech, Whitney Young, Jones, Brooks, King, Lindblom, Westinghouse, and South Shore. This test is administered in the fall of the students’ eighth-grade year.

The CPS HSAT is administered at the student’s school and evaluates a student’s reading comprehension and mathematical abilities. It provides a comprehensive measure of a student’s readiness for the rigorous academic environment at these selective high schools. Achieving a high score on the CPS HSAT can considerably increase a student’s chances of being admitted into their preferred selective enrollment school.

Given the critical role that the CPS HSAT plays in the admissions process for these highly competitive schools, it is essential for students to start preparing early. This preparation allows students to become familiar with the test’s format and question types. At Academic Approach, we offer tailored tutoring programs designed to help students excel on the CPS HSAT, significantly enhancing their chances of being accepted into their school of choice.

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