Re-opening Plans: Half-day, Half-year

Dear Academic Approach Families & Colleagues:

With schools and school districts releasing re-opening plans this week, we are spending the week reviewing some of the emerging models. Today we’ll focus on half-day and half-year options.

Half-day options
In half-day model, K-8 will attend in person in the morning and 9-12 in the afternoon. The goal is to provide consistent in-person options for all students within the school or district regardless of grade level.

Half-year options
In the half-year model, which will principally be used by colleges and universities, two grade levels (e.g., freshmen and sophomores) attend fall semester, and then two grade levels (e.g., juniors and seniors) attend in the spring. With this model, under classmen could enjoy an onsite transition to the new school year, and upper classmen would be able to participate in essential in-person spring activities including graduation ceremonies.

The specific details of the model have significant consequences on instruction & learning. A few key questions to ask:

  • How does remote learning impact the student if it’s live, self-paced, or entirely independent?
    • The direct instructional support would vary considerably.
  • How will courses that require hands-on instruction, like science labs, be conducted without in-person learning?
  • How will assessments be delivered fairly and securely without in-person learning?
  • How will colleges and universities support cocurricular activities and safety in student housing?

Tomorrow, we’ll share some thoughts and a survey to gather your feedback and assess your needs.

Be well,
Matthew Pietrafetta, Ph.D., Founder & CEO

Matthew Pietrafetta

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