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Hayley Notter

Director of Curriculum

Curriculum | Department of Education

Hayley Notter joined Academic Approach in 2015 as a Curriculum Developer Team Lead and currently serves as the Director of Curriculum. In her current role as a Director, she supervises the design, creation, and maintenance of Academic Approach’s verbal curriculum, including materials used for School Programs and One-On-One tutoring programs. She manages a team of dedicated writers and editors and is committed to producing high quality materials. Prior to Academic Approach, Hayley tutored under-performing college freshmen and taught creative writing classes to women incarcerated in county jail in Pittsburgh, PA.

Hayley earned a Bachelor of Arts in both Creative Writing and Sociology with a minor in Journalism from Beloit College. She also earned a Master’s in Creative Writing from Chatham University. In her free time, Hayley pursues her own creative work and enjoys traveling, puzzles, and spending time with friends, family, and her cats Comma and Dash.

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