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The Secondary School Admission Test (SSAT) is frequently utilized in the admissions procedures of many esteemed boarding schools, such as St. Pauls, Phillips Exeter, and Lake Forest Academy. The SSAT is typically scheduled between October and January, during the students’ eighth-grade year.

The SSAT, much like other standardized exams, is often taken at the school to which the student is applying. This necessitates that students pinpoint their top-choice schools early enough to plan their SSAT test dates. The results of this exam carry significant weight in the admissions decisions at these schools, highlighting the importance of comprehensive preparation.

The SSAT examines a student’s verbal, quantitative, and reading comprehension skills, providing a holistic view of their readiness for demanding academic work at the high school level in boarding schools. Scoring highly on the SSAT can greatly augment a student’s chances of securing a spot at their desired boarding school.

Considering the integral role the SSAT plays in the admissions process of many prominent boarding schools, it’s essential that students prepare thoroughly. Starting early allows students to familiarize themselves with the test’s layout, structure, and question types. At Academic Approach, we offer custom-tailored tutoring programs designed to help students perform exceptionally well on the SSAT, thereby increasing their chances of admission into their preferred boarding school.

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