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Dear Academic Approach Families and Colleagues:

We’ve shared some of the research with you that’s directed us to develop new, personalized math modules for our students. Today and tomorrow, I wanted to give you some insight into on how we’re digging into specific math concepts to support student learning and growth—filling gaps they may have missed, supporting the work they’re doing now, and preparing them to return to school ready for higher-level math. These short pathways engage students for eight hours to deeply understand a specific set of topics.

Math in the Real World
Instructors work with students on math skills that they will use for their entire lives and are crucial for college readiness. These skills foster critical thinking and allow students to analyze and interpret a variety of data distributions and models. Students will dive deeply into statistics, probability, and data representation. Learn more from this podcast episode that digs into the importance—and under-representation—of data analysis skills in today’s math curriculum for successful critical thinkers.

Mathematical Foundations
Often, skills that are learned when students are younger will fade if not practiced or built upon. This pathway focuses on skills that would have been covered before a student enters their high school math classes and will still be used in their future math careers. It includes essential skills like ratios and proportional thinking, unit conversions, percents, and linear equations. Student understanding of these topics will extend to the higher levels of rigor needed to be successful in high school and college math.

Tomorrow, we’ll share with you two more courses we’ve developed designed for higher-level math students.

Be well,
Matthew Pietrafetta, Ph.D., Founder & CEO

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