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Dear Academic Approach Families & Colleagues:

After a weekend of Saturday and Sunday ACT testing, we want to share highlights we’ve received from families and students.

Testing Centers

Many students are reporting successful administrations of their tests, thanks to the efforts of school administrators who make these events possible.

  • In some cases, families who encountered cancellations on Saturday, September 12th, were able to re-register for other test administrations, even as early as Sunday, the 13th, by contacting the testing center. While by no means perfect, the theme is one of improving communication with both the ACT and test centers. 
  • In a case where one of our students felt the safety protocols were not correctly followed, parents directly contacted Janet Godwin, ACT’s CEO, and received a reply within 24 hours that the testing circumstances were being investigated. While this does not immediately allay their concerns, the responsiveness from ACT is positive, as ACT furthers its effort to communicate proactively

Testing Experiences

Many of our students reported on their test-taking experience: specifically, how it felt to test under safety protocols. A brief selection of some of their voices below: 

“My test was well organized, and I felt very safe during the exam. Taking the test felt pretty normal even with all of the guidelines in place.”

“I felt the English, Math, and Reading were just like when I took them for practice tests. Science was my weakest section, but that’s because they had a long passage that was difficult. Otherwise, it was like all my practice tests.”

“It was fine. I felt like I could concentrate as usual and did not feel distracted. It was a good testing experience overall.”

All in all, since February, these are some of the most positive reports of successful test-taking we’ve heard, and we hope that bodes well for these additional fall testing dates:

Fall 2020 Test Dates

Saturday, September 19

Saturday, October 10
Saturday, October 17
Saturday, October 24
Sunday, October 25

Be well,
Matthew Pietrafetta, Ph.D., Founder & CEO

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