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Dear Academic Approach Families:

During this time of more questions than answers, we hope to help you determine next steps and stay on track with ACT and SAT planning and preparation. In this email, we will provide (1) updates from the ACT and SAT, and (2) some thoughts to keep in mind as you plan ahead.

First, we continue to inform you when ACT and SAT send us updates as these organizations carefully consider the health and wellness of their test takers:

  1. The SAT canceled most of its testing sites for the March 14th exam and College Board has now canceled the March 14th make-up exam that was scheduled for the 28th. The May 2nd SAT & SAT Subject Tests have also been canceled.
  2. The ACT has now canceled the April 4th exam. They are not currently planning to offer a make-up date but instead encourage students to take the June 13th exam.
  3. College Board has not given updates on how school closings will affect the AP Exam schedule. Once again, as we learn more, we will update everyone.
  4. For those students taking the mandatory Illinois Public School SAT or PSAT-10 on April 14th, those plans are up in the air. As the Illinois State Board of Education (ISBE) determines next steps, we will forward information as soon as possible.

Second, some thoughts as you plan ahead:

  1. For families who were planning to take the ACT or SAT on dates that were canceled, look for communication from ACT or College Board to determine if they will be offering you credit toward a future exam.
  2. The registration deadline for the June 13th ACT is May 8th.
  3. The registration deadline for the June 6th SAT is May 8th.

Academic Approach’s focus during this unusual time is to help students make consistent progress toward their ACT and SAT growth goals. Continuity is critical in student learning, and our students learn best through repeated, cumulative exposure to and practice of key college readiness skills. We hope to encourage your ability to maintain continuity through our complimentary online practice tests as well as our 25% reduction in fees for online tutoring.

Look for regular, informative email in the days to come. If you have any questions, feel free to reach out at any time.

Matthew Pietrafetta, Ph.D., Founder & CEO

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