Dear Academic Approach Families & Colleagues:

This week, we’re sharing the goals and best practices we’re incorporating into our academic work with students this fall. We know the best practices to remediate learning loss include additional instructional time from content experts in student-centered groupings. Why is this so effective? It provides students with the opportunity to truly dig into the content, get feedback from an expert on their understanding, and continuously grow in their learning.

We know in even the best remote learning scenarios, teachers are hard-pressed to provide the personalized feedback and experiences that are so essential to student learning. Our instructors plan carefully for our academic support sessions (both One-on-One and in Study Teams), aligning instructional support with the syllabus and materials students are receiving from their schools. They then design rigorous content and questioning to supplement and assess student understanding, provide personalized feedback and prompting, and provide students with the opportunity to learn and grow.

We know our students are facing new challenges this fall, and we’re working to support them in overcoming those challenges—so they’ll see success in their remote classrooms this year and maintain academic progress for college and career readiness.

Be well,
Matthew Pietrafetta, Ph.D., Founder & CEO